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Hello and welcome to my website!!

Here, you can find more details about myself (OptGamer21) as well as find all my social areas. The current website is the second ground-up build I have completed on my own. I started my YouTube Channel on Christmas Day of 2015, and since have achieved 300 subscribers and nearly FIFTY THOUSAND total life-time views on my channel. I do look forward to seeing where my channel goes in the future with so many AWESOME fans!

Opt.Gamer21's Website and YouTube Channel Introduction

My name is OptGamer21. On my channels, I create a lot of content, ranging from tutorials and gaming videos and live streams. Primarily, I stream games, such as GTA V, FH3, etc., to Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. Any livestream outside of YouTube is uploaded to my YouTube channel, and I make vlogs, update videos, and tutorials to help out the community. When I am not in school, I aim to stream nearly every other day (or more), and when I am in school, I attempt to get either bi-weekly or weekly videos uploaded to my channel.

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